4-Year-Old With Cancer Tells Mom He Will Wait For Her In Heaven Before He Dies In Her Arms

There is nothing closer than a bond between mother and son. This is one of the closest relationships that human beings can have. Sometimes, this deep connection causes untold pain.

For Nolan and his mother, this special relationship only lasted two short years. While most two-year-olds are running around, building towers and reading bedtime stories, Nolan was stuck in a hospital fighting for his life. Despite his young age, Nolan was fighting bravely.

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Nolan was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma when he was only two years old. This cancer is a sarcoma that destroys the soft tissue within the body according to the American Cancer Society. It typically starts hurting the muscles connected to the bones that help the body move properly.

Nolan started rigorous treatment immediately after the cancer was diagnosed. He underwent countless doctors’ visits, several different tests, restless nights, painful chemotherapy and avoiding outside contact for fear of contracting a new disease.

Nolan fought bravely for his life for over a year. After a while, the little boy was too sick to drink or eat anything. He couldn’t stop vomiting. Ruth Scully, his mother, knew that something was severely wrong with Nolan.

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During a meeting with the oncologist, Nolan’s parents heard the news they had been dreading for the past year. Only a week after having open chest surgery, the cancer had spread to Nolan’s bronchial tubes where it was causing breathing issues. The disease was no longer treatable and decisions had to be made.

Ruth pulled herself together and entered the room to talk to her son. Nolan didn’t have much more time to live. Ruth didn’t know how to tell her son the news. How could a mother explain to their two-year-old child about something so difficult?

Ruth started by asking Nolan how he felt. He told his mother that he was in a lot of pain. Ruth told her son that he didn’t have to fight anymore. Nolan was surprised by her comment and assured his mother that he would fight for her. Nolan responded with a resounding “Duh!” when his mother asked if he was fighting for her. Ruth explained to her son that she couldn’t keep him safe anymore. She said that Heaven was the only place that could keep him safe. Ruth assured her son that she would be there to visit him.

Nolan’s parents, Ruth and Jonathan, created a page on Facebook to document their son’s brave journey. This page was also used to update family members on Nolan’s health. A few months after her son’s passing, Ruth posted a potent tribute to Nolan. The post went viral as countless people around the world were touched by her words.

“Two months. Two months since I’ve held you in my arms, heard how much you loved me, kissed those sweetie ‘pie’ lips. Two months since we’ve snuggled. Two months of pure absolute hell.”

Ruth shared how in his last few days on earth, Nolan was an absolute trooper. She went through the motions, numb to all of the horrible things she had to do as her precious angel prepared to enter heaven.

Ruth continued on to explain how Nolan had been a trooper during his last few days on earth. A ‘do not resuscitate’ clause had been signed, and Nolan even helped plan his funeral. The family played Nerf guns, watched TV and Nolan even filled out his will.

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In the post, Ruth described her last few hours with her son. The two sat in bed together and sketched out Nolan’s funeral. He chose his pallbearers, described what he wanted guests to wear and chose items to leave his loved ones. Nolan also requested to be revered as a policeman after his passing. In the last few minutes of Nolan’s life, Ruth described how her son blessed her in an amazing way. Nolan had told his mother that she couldn’t leave his side, but Ruth was desperate to take a quick shower.

Nolan’s uncle came into the room, and Ruth was able to hop in the shower for a few minutes. During this time, Nolan closed his eyes and slipped into a deep slumber. When Ruth came out of the bathroom, she was devastated.

The right lung in Nolan’s chest had collapsed. His oxygen levels were low, and his breathing was difficult. Ruth immediately climbed into bed with her son and swore to never leave his side again. Nolan responded by blessing his mother with a miracle.

Out of nowhere, Nolan woke up and smiled at his mom. He told his mother that he loves her. Nolan passed away at 11:54 p.m. as his mother sang ‘You Are My Sunshine’. Nolan awoke from a coma to tell his mother how much she meant to him. He died a hero who expressed his love until the very last seconds of his life.

Ruth mentioned that she is now terrified to shower after that incident. There is now just an empty rug where her beloved son used to wait for his Mommy. Everyone who has read Nolan’s story knows that he was a fighter and a trooper. He truly lived up to his dream of becoming a police officer.

Despite his short time on earth, Nolan lived a happy and full life. Ruth and her husband are left with a hole in their hearts. The world is grieving with Nolan’s family at the sad news of his passing. What did you think about this sad story? Let us know in the comments—and don’t forget to tell others.

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