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Should This Mom Have to Buy Car Seats for Her Children’s Grandparents’ Car?

A mom writes in asking for advice about car seats. She is wondering if she should be required to buy additional car seats for her parents, her children’s grandparents, who watch the children sometimes. Is this mom obligated to buy those additional car seats herself, or should her parents buy their own car seats for their grandkids?

A member of the community asks:

“Should parents have to buy car seats for the grandparents’ cars?

So I have two sons, aged 1 and 2. They are obviously still in a car seat. So my question is, should parents have to buy car seats for the child’s grandparents’ car??? When my sons were small, I would go out and carry them in their seats. Now that they are older, they have Nono-carrying car seats, and I don’t want to put them back and forth, in and out my car to my mom’s. Should I be the one who has to buy the car seat for her car, or should she!???”

Community Advice for This Mom Who Wants to Know if She Should Buy Car Seats for Her Kids’ Grandparents

To see what advice the Mamas Uncut Facebook community has for this mom in need, read the comments of the post embedded below.

“If you don’t want to move the perfectly good seat you’re using, then you should buy the seat for her car. She doesn’t have to take your child.”

The community offered this mom in need a lot of great advice. Read some of their responses below.

“If you don’t want to move the perfectly good seat you’re using, then you should buy the seat for her car. She doesn’t have to take your child.”

“Either you buy them or hulk the seats to the other car. Grandparents are never obligated to do anything, they’ve raised their kids.”

This is dumb as hell. Of course it’s the parents’ responsibility. If a grandparent doesn’t buy one and you want them to be safe and able to travel with grandparents you either move your car seat or purchase one. Since when did it become your mom’s fiscal responsibility to care for your offspring? It’s one thing if they offer to help but to expect it is stupid and low.

“I bought the car seat for my mother’s vehicle. It didn’t even cross my mind that it should be her responsibility to do so… She’s already helping me out by watching my child, now I should expect her to spend her money on a car seat too? No way. I had the child, not her!”

“I switch the car seats back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. If I could afford it I would buy another set for grandparents but no it is NOT their responsibility to buy one. For my they wouldn’t charge me for care and told me sometimes they have to go out to get errands done.”

“Yep, you should buy them. The fact you even have to ask is a shame. Grandparents are their to support your children emotionally not financially.”

“You either buy it or switch them. We have a spare for each kid, yes it’s expensive but it’s not their job to provide a car seat.”

“Uhhhh… it’s your kid. Your. kid. If you want the help and want your kid to ride regularly in someone else’s car why would it be anyone else’s responsibility to buy your kid stuff? If the grandparents have not offered to buy them then pretty sure you only have 2 choices here.”

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