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Mom Post A Note On FB Given To Her Autistic Son By A Stranger While Travelling Alone.

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Landon was only 7 years old and going on his first flight alone. He was flying from Las Vegas to Oregon to visit with his father. His mom, Alexa, was so concerned for him that she wrote a note that her son gave to the person seated next to him.

Alexa Bjornson

The note read: Hello! This is Landon! He is 7 yrs. old and this is his first flight alone today.

He has high functioning autism, which means he is very smart and loving, but he tends to get emotional when he is scared and can get hyper. He might ask you “are we there yet” a few times or get a little loud with his headphones on. If you could please find it in your heart to make him feel comfortable and safe I would be forever grateful!

He might get scared on take off, But he has snacks packed and games to play. My Name is Alexa (Mom) and if you see anything on the flight I should know, please txt or call me. this is for you! ($10) Thank you so much and try to enjoy your flight! Alexa

Ben Pedraza

Well Ben Pedraza was that passenger seated next to Landon. And through much of the flight, Ben played video games with Landon. Then they played rock-paper-scissors. They cracked some jokes with each other. But there was also some serious time too.

Landon explained that he was often bullied at his school. Ben was concerned about that and said more needed to be done to stop that kind of behavior. When the visit with his dad was over, Landon returned to his mom, with a note from Ben.

He wrote that Landon was a great kid and that she was a lucky mom. He also told her that the $10 she enclosed with her letter was not necessary at all, but he donated it to the Autism Society in honor of Landon.

Alexa was extremely grateful to Ben, thrilled to know that there are still kind people in the world, people who truly make a difference.

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