Spot the pencil hidden in this stack of books! Most struggle to find it in 20 seconds. Can you find it faster?

Has living under lockdown got you inches away from spiraling into the black hole of existential crisis? Has isolation made you feel like your cutlery is talking back at you? Has watching the news become the same as watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because both of them make you think “why are humans like this?”

Then you, my friend, need to poke at your brain to get out of that funk and we have got the perfect little brainteaser that will help you do just that. This entertaining but slightly tricky puzzle has got several people stumped, according to The Sun. And you can thank the distance learning provider, Oxbridge for bringing the puzzle to you and keeping you occupied for a while.

There’s only one, super-simple-sounding rule that the puzzle has: find the pencil that is hidden between the piles and piles of green, orange, blue, and red books.

Source: Oxbridge

“Most people struggle to find it within 20 seconds!” said Oxbridge.

How long do you think you will take to find the camouflaged pencil?

Found it yet?


Takes a while, doesn’t it?

The puzzle-makers have really done a terrific job with concealing the pencil so well between the books.

Alright, here’s some help.

Source: Oxbridge

Feel like your brain has done finally done the equivalent of 15 mental push-ups after a long, long time?

Apart from getting your brain juices flowing with some wholesome entertainment, the puzzles are also part of Oxbridge’s efforts to promote their bursary fund of over $73,000 (£60,000).

With the money, Oxbridge hopes to support those people who have been furloughed as well as those who are hoping to acquire some new skillset or qualifications while they are spending their time under lockdown.

Originally, the fund was set at about $42,000 (£35,000) but the high demand led to its increase.

While speaking about the fund, Matt Jones, the founder of Oxbridge said, “It’s our responsibility and attitude as a college to help people change their lives for the better. We hope this funding continues to help those in need attain the qualifications for re-employment, taking the opportunity for a career change or personal development.”

The folks at Oxbridge also believe that you’re never too old for a new goal or a new dream. They wrote on Instagram, “We are proud to support learners of all ages, from our youngest student who was 13, to 93 year old Mavis! ⁠Whatever your passion, lifelong learning will open your horizons, expand your opportunities and take you where you want to be in life.”

So if you have any fresh ideas or new things you have always been meaning to try, maybe now is a good time to try. Visit the Oxbridge website and see where you can go with the endless possibilities.