Toddler Caught On Camera Whispering

Every parent out there hopes their child will grow up into the kind of person they teach them to be. We tend to surround the little ones with love, kindness, devotion, and many other positive attitudes that will hopefully turn them into nice people.

And although most of the time we believe our words and all those talks are in vain, somewhere along the way our kids will surprise us by doing something that tells us how they are actually accepting our advice. In those moments we secretly feel proud of them.


Two-year-old Sutton is a really special girl who enjoys spending time with mommy and daddy. This family does lots of things together, among which saying a prayer before going to bed. They believe it’s important to take the time and thank God for all the people he put in their life, and all the beauties the day that passed brought to them.

But one night, Kathryn and Caleb went to bed without saying a prayer. They were way too tired and they simply forgot about it. And that’s when they witnessed something that filled their hearts with joy.


As they were getting ready to sleep, they heard some strange noises coming from the baby monitor. The parents were totally scared at first and had no idea what was going on. Could there be someone in Sutton’s bedroom?


But only a couple of moments later, they realized their daughter was doing what they forgot to. This lovely girl was saying a prayer, thanking God for her parents, her grandparents, her friends, and even Santa Claus.


Kathryn and Caleb were left in awe. They looked at each other and knew they were doing the right thing by teaching their daughter good manners and right from wrong by actually showing her how things should be done, and that’s called a great parenting.

They loved how little Sutton didn’t miss anyone she cared for during the prayer, and she even though of Santa Claus.


The video has been seen around a million times and people think it’s the cutest thing ever. This will definitely melt your heart.

Content Credit: Bored Daddy

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